I’m gonna post this now for tomoz, I don’t think I will be on tomoz, gonna stay off for a bit infact. I am having a few issues at the moment, which I’m getting help for and my depression is slowly getting the better of me it seems, being on twitter for example is not helping my frame of mind, and not good to others too, you always seem to tend to take it out on those u care about, to try and get a response, so I’ve decided the best thing to do is permantly delete the problem (me). I will not be coming back onto it. My mood is that way at moment it’s affecting nearly everything, so obviously its lead to not much interest in gaming hence me going on about being bored with consoles. Maybe i handled all this wrong n should of just signed out, too late now, so now I will be a quiet pain in the arse away from u all on nearly all social media. Anyway it was nice while it all lasted. See ya.

I will carry on with my blog after a few days break.

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