This no football thing is boring me now, there must be summat on today surely, I still keep watching the old footy stuff I’ve recorded from the 70s n 80s. Played an hour of call of duty ww2 n then watched the stupid hip hop parody film called don’t drink ya juice in south Central,  that bit where he puts hot sauce on her flaky skin feet n he then sucks her toes with those bits going in his mouth still makes me feel sick lol, then I finally got round to watching American sniper, it was a good film but I didn’t like all the luvvy duvvy scenes in the film, seemed to slow it down. Other than that it was really good, 7 outta 10. Now I’m watching line of duty again, (no its not an Irish coke dealer) lol.

My song today as the most stunning looking woman the super model from denmark Helena christensen. What is it with Scandinavian women, damn. Anyway this great tune is a joy with the eye candy. 

Song of the day, Chris isaak – wicked game

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