Updated n im back bloggin’ 12/10/17

Not much to add, slowly getting there, played a little xbox and watched tv. Same old stuff and same old day. Bought a new masher, highlight of the week, a fuckin masher to make decent mash potato. Comes to summat when buying a kitchen utensil is the best thing to happen ya in the week Jeez lol. Well things have been real shite for past few weeks or so, not going into it. Staying offline from nearly every piece of social media for past 5 days ain’t exactly done much, except silence n boredom n watching a lot of shite tv besides the footy lol. But I needed to do it, I had to recharge.

And I deffo feel way better than I did last week, I’m back bloggin again so that’s one thing I’m not gonna stop doing, bought a game called yakuza zero by Sega,  heard lots of people saying how good this is, I let you know in tomorrow’s post. Bought the hitcher finally on dvd the 1986 horror type road movie with rutger hauer and got the vacancy and another film with it, it’s a triple dvd thingy. Also bought a new headset, the razer kraken one, was impressed when I bought one for my lad so I got myself one too.

Song of the day, The smiths – how soon is now

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