14 wins 11/12/17


Haha it’s 14 games in a row, a new record and we did it at old Trafford lol, wow this season is just fuckin unbelievable and we breaking lots of records but we must have help from the football gods according to that loser who manages man ure, yes well pep is a god so you are right. You wasn’t good enough and you got beat, move on and get better, like we have lol. 

Bit of mancunian

Ok after watching the game I was waiting for my friggin internet yo come back on for ages, no idea why it was off, gotta be weather related. Anyway it back on now, ya cant survive without the internet lol, i see toff won im a celebrity and she deserved it, nice chelsea girl and the lad from Manchester came second, Chelsea Manchester coincidences lol, so later on after my tv catch ups I’m gonna watch some Karen I mean shameless lol, pity Karen ain’t got a southern english accent lol 

I might go on Forza 7 or maybe FIFA 18 later after I catch up on blue planet 2 and maybe peaky blinders if I don’t fall asleep cos I’ve got the heating on which normally makes me sore, so it must be cold out there lol. Today’s song is for a southern sweety. Enjoy. Right ar kid I’m off to partee, scattah lol.

Song of the day, Metallica – the unforgiven


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