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November 30, 2017 WickerMan73 0

Oops I forgot to do today’s post, completely forgotten. Posting this at 11pm lol. Well yesterday city made it 19 straights wins, was heading for […]

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Midweek match 29/11/17

November 29, 2017 WickerMan73 0

Watched the bloody match yesterday until that knob for man ure scored twice and then I switched it off and watched Masterchef the professionals, well […]

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November 27, 2017 WickerMan73 0

1 more day to go Yesterday was the international god i feel so low day, and im still feeling so not with it, I will […]

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Chewsdy 21/11/17

November 21, 2017 WickerMan73 0

OK watched old corrie, the sweeney (again n not the crap film remake) the footy which was a good game while listening to music, and […]