A bit meh 10/09/17

Destiny 2 clan

After the third day in a row of pain, yesterdays was the worst I’ve had for past few weeks, but even so I’m still smiling, although I can’t play on ps4 when I’m this sore, it’s in my left hand, which leaves my right hand free, and I’m right handed, haha get ya minds out the gutter lol, I hoping I can at least get some sleep tonight as of half past midnight, then it’s another day of footy to watch, and maybe see how I am n try n go on ps4 if I’m not too sore. Hope amy sorted the clan for destiny 2, that should be cool.

Hope my music friend had a good rest n feels better tomorrow, look forward to those messages lol, gonna try and watch summat now and no doubt I will put on what I watch later on. Caitlin been playing out n then just goes on roblox and deffo making sure she turns the laptop off before I try n fall sleep, little sod will stay up all night if I don’t. Well i managed to get some n feel way better today, amazing what a sleep can do, now I’m ready for my afternoon of footy then make spaghetti bolognese n then go on destiny 2 if I am still feeling ok. 

Song of the day, Phil Collins – in the air tonight 

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