About me

Another of me

Well where do I start, started gaming around the arcades where gameplay ruled the way unlike most of today’s games that hold your hand, went through the usual 8bit stuff commodore Vic 20 c64 amiga etc, speccy, onto pcs and then onto the internet in 1997, ain’t been off much since.

Love my gaming, ps4 n xbox1, like to party chat but I think my humour gets too much for some, they can’t keep up sometimes, I got some good friends through ps4 gaming, just wish people would party chat more.

My Caitlin

I am a big fan of manchester city fc, I love lots of genres of music but mainly rock metal dance etc I live on Spotify when twittering lol, love my films especially the horror stuff n Sci fi, not into comic book films although I since found out that some are bloody comic films lol.

Like I said I love to make people laugh, or even at me, either way it works.

I have some health problems and have pain everyday n sometimes I get flare ups with rheumatoid arthritis, these are sent from hell, but enough of that. I’m not a fan of mobile fones and I only use the text side of the one I got, I like chatting with people n find a lot think my humour n personality is mint n some that I’m a dick lol.

I’m qualified in html, dtp level 1 n 2, multimedia, and I used to do a lot of photoshop, Internet chatrooms back on excite chat n yahoo chat (who remembers those lol) in the very late 90s n 00s.