Aguero 178 02/11/17

Well wow what a night, we win against napoli at their home ground by 4 goals to 2 and Sergio aguero becomes the clubs all time leading goal scorer with 178 goals, what a great match, we are playing some of the best footy I’ve ever seen from a city team, pep as em playing like his old barcelona team. And spurs who my mate loves haha stuff real Madrid 3 to 1. I used to Base my sex life on city winning games, yanno old city won once every 2 months lol, now if I did it I’d be fucked from exhaustion lol.

Not done much today except play fifa 18 on xbox1 n i got my blackburn team from league 1 to the premiership, must be my hot pink adidas glitch boots lol and watched city n also some more prisoner cell block h, still waiting for the hospital to organise my treatment, no rush yanno, I love pain. Lol, my mash potato I made was bloody so good, cooked perfectly n no lumps n all buttery n fluffy. Could eat mash all the time. Well hope everyone is ok who bothers to read my tripe on here, and today is a repeat of yesterday, xbox1 n bt sports lol

Song of the day, radiohead – creep

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