Ah well, least city won 13/08/17

Well I still not been on the twitter feeds just my profile to delete banner n info, think i may just eventually delete it, hardly spoken to anyone online on it for ages now so it’s not much use anymore, spent most of the day getting ready for the return of the premiership n my beloved man city, yay they won 2 nil at Brighton with around 75% possession wtf lol, was so looking forward to going online on gta with bonnie but her psplus ran out,  ah well a bit gutted but nowt I can do bout that, but at least city won. I wasn’t able play on ps4 after all because too much footy related stuff. Kane had it to himself and I watched him get to level 55 on zombies on his own, I can’t get to level 5 lol.

So anyway I have no idea what to do today, more footy later but it’s the red shower of shit n I never watch them, cmon West ham lol, I hope we can actually play gta again online again, be nice to do that again, although I thought it may never happen again for some reason, watched match of the day earlier on n woke at 5am, so got 5 hours kip at least, now what to do now, try n go back sleep, go on the ps4, go nosey on Fb, or just make a brew n listen to music on the headphones or try n watch summat on netflix. I wonder if anyone is actually awake at this time on Fb ps4 etc, doubt it lol. Leg is still aching me after my crutches incident lol, Clumsy sod lol. Made a mint curry last night, the tikka massala was so nice and managed to eat half of it, and no food poisoning lol. Yet.

Well which one? All of em lol 😍

So I dunno what I’m gonna do today, I seem to be going into myself again, building walls and destined to be alone n miserable lol, erm nope lol, alone yeh, miserable? Nah im not no more, just my usual go lucky funny self, People can take me how they find me now, lol. All u need is a good few friends. 😊. Bit pissed as salem ain’t got a UK release on blu ray or dvd, so I may have to bloody import it. Arrrr.


Want this so bad on bluray. I’m still bloody thinking about the show weeks after finishing it, was so my cup of tea. And all those yummy women lol. Well I can look can’t I lol, 😍. Jeez im so bored n nowt on yet, ps4 non exsistant in school holidays. No way can you not just deactivate your twitter account like fb, apparently u get thirty days grace n some say it deletes bits anyway the moment u agree, so the best thing to do apparently is to just sign out, had the account since 2010, but recently I’m so fed up of it. All the political stuff n show offs (not into selfish people) not everyone just some, be kind, it feels good to be unselfish. Twitter used to be my escape from all that shite . But it’s all over twitter now. Shame.

I’m so bored that I’m even going into the kitchen now to make spaghetti bolognese at half ten lol, where are all people I used to game with n talk to. Wow I really must of got boring too n I must buy new deodorant lol

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