Bloody rain 22/11/17

After making a mint curry, it was not mint I meant good, sorry its a mancunian word for good lol with caitlin, gave her an old Samsung tab4 so she went home with a smile, then I watched a rather boring manchester city match against feyenoord which we eventually won, then while all this was happening was the rain, it had been raining all day n caitlin got soaked coming home from school but last night the rain went a bit skitso and let rip, my bloody toilet was gurgling and making choking noises all bloody night n it kept me awake, thought I was gonna need build a boat and sail down the road lol, well tonight it’s more footy n I will watch Chelsea game, dunno why but someone has to watch em lol 😅.

Song of the day, plastic Bertrand – ca plane pour moi

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