Blue monday 02/10/17

Well not much happened since caitlin left me at 7pm yesterday, within an hour I was missing her, so im on my Todd til friday now, not even been on the consoles, mainly due to the footy and the darts. I watched super Sunday yesterday and it wasn’t exactly super although the darts from Dublin kept me entertained til I nodded off around 11pm lol, mad innit a month ago I was struggling with insomnia and now I’m struggling to stay awake, mind you I have massively cut down on social media, surely a good thing lol.

Well what to do today, gonna catch up on a few tv things I’ve recorded on tv and maybe actually get some fifa 18 on the xbox done, maybe go on the ps4 and do a bit of destiny 2 today and deffo this week, then at 7pm I’m gonna continue watching the darts I reckon. I’m choosing an absolute classic for today’s song of the day, The salford/manchester band new order and this is a massive 13 minute remix of the best selling 12 inch single in history.

Song of the day, new order – blue Monday  (special remix)

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