Blue Monday 22/01/18

So yesterday after Caitlin left early I watched a dreary draw between Southampton v Tottenham and then I was going to watch Lyon v PSG but yep I was that bored I simply fell asleep, and woke up at 2am, jeezuz and now I’m awake at dickhead o’clock so I’m watching some happy (not) documentaries about viruses and diseases lol, just watched one about the London plague of 1665 and one about the 2014 outbreak of the Ebola virus, now I’m watching one about the sars virus and finally one about the 1918 Spanish influenza outbreak, cheerful twat ain’t I lol.

Well what to do today starts with my meds being dropped off at between 9am n 11am and then I take my second injection, a little prick into a big prick lol, then I’m gonna catch up on tv and DVDs and then try and watch the Swansea v Liverpool match at 8pm tonight, also try and chat with my southern mate who must be getting bored of me falling asleep all the time haha.

Song of the day, blue oyster cult – Don’t fear the reaper. Lol

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