Boxing day means sport 26/12/17

Well thank fook that footy is back, normality returns, city play tomoz however at Newcastle. Let’s hope there are as many goals as in boxing day 1963, just look at those results lol, wow. Hope today’s footy is good, well I’m kind of glad Xmas is done with for another year, I thought I was gonna spend it all alone as usual but my lil gal stayed. Want to thank my southern friend for sharing some of her day to chat for a bit, appreciated ar kid.

I’m currently watching top of the pops 1973 Xmas edition and suzi Quattro just been on singing can the can, I tell ya summat I’d fuckin can her can, damn she was hot as hell, no wonder my dad watched top of the pops back in the day, although the girls in 70s n 80s I reckon are more beautiful n deffo more natural than today’s plastic obsessed tittied n marker pen eyebrows thin as a rake look of today. Yes those girls who keep themselves all natural are the best lookers. Wow pans people the dance troop are bloody gorgeous. I remember legs n co as well lol.

So yesterday me and Caitlin watched a few films, we watched a nice film called the cage, about a woman who gets abducted and yep put in a cage and the abducter starts playing head games, I can’t say too much because I’d give the plot n story away but we thought it was good with a nice twist with the story, then we watched the annual national lampoons Xmas vacation lol, I just find this movie so funny. Chevvy chase is just so good in this film. So before that Caitlin went on the Xbox on roblox and then we played a game together called skyforce reloaded an old school vertical arcade shooter and I was surprised she actually liked it and was pretty good at it too. Now today I have orders for one of my spicy chicken korma curries for ar tea tonight, so that’s what we having. Then more films I bet although last night she fell asleep cuddled up to me watching Xmas vacation, awww, well I am a human hot water bottle lol.

Songs of the day, (top of the pops Xmas 73 inspired)

Suzi quatro – can the can

Slade – cum on feel the noize 

10cc – rubber bullets

Wizzard – see my baby jive

Slade – merry Christmas everybody

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