Buzzin 07/09/17

Footy in destiny 2 lol

Well yesterday was an unexpected kind of day, out of the blue (city blue lol) came a call from amy, so good hearing from her, so I’ve finally got me mate back, my ps4 gaming partner. So now I have two mint friends n im so happy n lucky to have ya’s. Played some destiny 2 and today we get to do coop missions on destiny 2 n yep I’m buzzin, missed ya lots. 

Come on you citizens

Well what am I doing today, got a few personal things to sort out and also with a bit of luck some more dvds to watch, got quite a bit of recorded tv to watch and I bloody missed that new Dr foster series 2 is apparantly back on, so Iplayer catch up on that too, then get ready for either caitlin or luke this weekend who will be watching city v liverpool lol no choice haha, hope I’m not sore again tomorrow so I can be bothered to make summat decent to eat. 

Well last nite I watched the church and Dellamorte dellamore – the cemetery man, and the church was a 4 outta 10 and no idea what the fuss was about, it must of been the real church who had issues with it, the other film was a 6 outta 10, it was actually pretty good, sex in a cemetery on her husbands grave lol, that’s a new one for me lol. I liked the ending of the film, pretty good.

Now after doing my personal issues I had to do and no it didn’t involve Andrex and porn hub lol, bloody forms to fill out and bank shite urghh, I’m gonna go on destiny 2 I think for a bit, noticed a few of my friends are going through a bit of rough patch at moment, I know how they feel, so chins up and here for ya’s if u need an ear or shoulder. 

Got caitlin staying tomorrow after school, get out the red carpet as the rock n roll queen is back for the weekend lol, noise n stuff will return, found it strange the silence, u enjoy it for a few hours then realise the silence is louder than the noise the kids make.

Song of the day, Slipknot – duality

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