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Chewsdy 21/11/17

November 21, 2017 WickerMan73 0

OK watched old corrie, the sweeney (again n not the crap film remake) the footy which was a good game while listening to music, and […]

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Monday 20/11/17

November 20, 2017 WickerMan73 0

Well it’s only 8 days away, the biggest event in my calendar, a national holiday on the 28th, my daughter hits the big 10, oh […]

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Sunday 19/11/17

November 19, 2017 WickerMan73 0

Well the run continues, I have to pinch myself, 10 consecutive wins in the premiership and the 16th in all competitions, it’s so unreal being […]

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Tis friday 17/11/17

November 17, 2017 WickerMan73 0

Well it’s Friday which means I will have one of the kids staying the weekend, yay. I’m just watching Masterchef professionals on catch up, then […]

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Fursdy 16/11/17

November 16, 2017 WickerMan73 0

Well I enjoyed my few hours with my little gal who stayed for a few hours after school, we watched scary movie 2 lol, pity […]

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Wensdy 15/11/17

November 15, 2017 WickerMan73 0

Watched Ireland kind of erm get stuffed 5 – 1 at home by Denmark, I didn’t expect that. Oh dear lol. I got caitlin coming […]

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Tewsdy 14/11/17

November 14, 2017 WickerMan73 0

Did very little yesterday except sleep, bored outta my head, I hate it when kids not here, watched italy not qualify against Sweden n then […]