Chewsdy 05/12/17

Tom hardy returns in next episode

Really been knocked out with a cold or man flu if you are male lol courtesy of my daughter who brought me this virus, thank you Caitlin lol. So I couldn’t be bothered gaming, caught up on all my tv I had recorded, blue planet 2, Masterchef, coronation street 1980s, peaky blinders, I’m a celebrity get me out of here, that posh totty who looks like an alien is actually quite nice as a person, well on screen she is, no idea who will win but I want Iain to win it. 

Corrie in the 80s, deffo would have chatted Sal up

Hope my southern sweety is ok and her team gets a good draw in the last 16, looks like Barcelona or psg could be drawn, ouch, I hope we get a good draw but I’m not bothered who we get, I want man Utd in quarters n knock em out, hope you like today’s ch00n.

Song of the day, bomb the bass – say a little prayer (for the Chelsea lot lol)(Oh and I don’t wear make up, comb my hair and wear fuckin dresses lmao)

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