Chewsdy 21/11/17

OK watched old corrie, the sweeney (again n not the crap film remake) the footy which was a good game while listening to music, and then I’m a celebrity, amir Khan is officially a pussy lol, scared of a few little critters, jeezuz. The Chelsea girl is starting to annoy me now, she not got that proper southern accent, more posh upper middle class, I prefer the real accents of working class. Well tonight it’s champions league footy n city are going for a 17th straight win, can we keep this fuckin unreal form going, pep has got em playing unbelievable footy. Well i enjoyed my few hours with caitlin after school, and its the same again tonight and she wants a curry so I gotta get the pans out for her. She is so loving, I’m so lucky. My song today is one from my top 10 1980s tunes ever.

Song of the day, The smiths – what difference does it make

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