Chin up peeps 08/09/17

Well it’s Friday which means I get one of the kids to stay, the winner is caitlin, yay lol, been on destiny 2 most of the day and yanno it’s not that bad on yer own, so much better than the first game, the Battles I’ve had have been so enjoyable, Deffo gonna buy the dlc packs for this one. Impressed. Wanna say keep ya chin up to my musical mate who is having a bit of a rough time at moment, and also amy who having a rough time of it too, so gigantinormous hugs n message me if ya need me. Im usually always answer messages on my twitter So don’t be sat in silence like I usually do lol, just grab that keyboard, tablet, fone, pc or rampant rabbit n get typing lol


Watching Amsterdamned and Vampire ecstasy tonight while I can before caitlin shows up tomoz as I won’t be able watch these type of films, I think Vampire ecstasy is gonna be risqué and Amsterdamned is a 80s slasher type film, love the slasher movies especially the 70s but Vampire film is 70s too, sorted out my stuff I needed to sort out. And now it’s only 1 day left for the return of footy and I kinda disappear into watching games from England,  Scotland,  France,  Germany,  Italy n Spain lol.

I will add more later, gonna watch the dvds n let you know what I thought. Well Amsterdamned was actually a good cop film and the boat chase scene was bloody amazing through the canals and it’s 7 outta 10 for me, I didn’t watch all of the other film, but it’s first 15 mins were full of tna (tits n ass) lol. Played lots of destiny 2 and got upto level 20, played an hour online with amy so that was fun, and she still tried shooting me, punching me, etc etc, n tell u sommat there is evil in her gameplay lol. Caitlin turned up later than normal n fell asleep at 9 pm lol. The quietness means I can watch a dvd. Lol

Song of the day, Kate Bush – Cloudbusting  (I love this tune)

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