Christmas day 25/12/17

6 days to go (merry Xmas to those who read this thing)

Its Xmas day and yesterday I spent like most of this week playing music, waited and waited and waited for Caitlin to wake up and she finally wakes at 12.30pm after then telling me she stayed up til 4am the little sod, after she eventually got up she then buggered off to her cousins n then came back 10 mins all sweet n eye fluttering asking for money to goto McDonald’s, no wonder she loves staying here lol. Then she went home at 5pm n i was all alone, home alone and not a burglar in sight to torture, I however haven’t done hardly anything but just lie on sofa under my quilt n watch some carry on films, then I just nodded off til 9pm.


I did however chat to my mate most of the time throughout the day, so I’m not totally on my own, so grateful n so nice just to chat to a good friend, deffo is a southern sweety star. I am missing having no football on til boxing day, the normal tv kind of sucks apart from classics like carry on films. No idea what I’m doing today, I will get a Xmas dinner from Caitlin n my pressies off the kids so not all bad, I have spent Xmas day on my own 6 times outta 7 since 2010, (ok you can stop the violins now (evil side of me)).

Local nativity lol

So I might actually watch ‘whatever happened to the likely lads’ for a bit cos I went sleep around 6pm til 9pm I can’t bloody sleep now, after drinking a can of kronenbourg, some gin and tonic and a big glass of baileys I might actually get to sleep, considering I don’t actually drink that much I don’t even feel slightly tipsy or even la la but I do feel winky kinky n need a ho. Lol. Ok enough lol.

Song of the day, silent night lol evil version


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