Christmas Eve 24/12/17

Kun aguero bangs in his 100th goal at the etihad

Well it’s win number 17 on the spin, we bang four in against Bournemouth and we didn’t even play that well, unreal, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming, pep is just a managerial god. Anyway to make it even better Chelsea and Liverpool and then man ure all could only draw, that means we are 13 points clear and that is the best ever in all of footy history at this stage and we’ve also become the first team ever in the premiership to score 100+ goals in a calendar year, and kun gets his 100th goal n then 101st at the etihad today. Wow.

So apart from watching nothing but footy all day I did manage an hour on gran turismo sports on ps4, i got the deluxe edition while it was half price, to be fair i aint played nowhere near enough to compare it yet with forza 7, it looks nice but ive gotta get used to its weird handling. Then caitlin decides she wants the laptop, my new headphones, and my tablet and her iphone and use them all at the same, i said why n how and basically got told ‘watch ya football dad’ lol the lil sod. I chatted with that star from the south, I would deffo have had deleted Twitter if it wasn’t for her, glad I didn’t, thanks hunny bunny.

🕯It’s Xmas eve and while im not a lover of xmas I do however always think of my cousin who was taken from us all (murdered) in april 95, he is a massive missing piece of life’s jigsaw puzzle not having him around, so the following choons are reminders and songs that were around at that time and some that he liked, here’s to you cuz where ever you are, never forgotten🕯. 🍺🍻🎵🎶⚽️🎆🎄

Songs of the day for you tez

East 17 – stay another stay

N trance – set you free (original 92 version)

Oasis – wonderwall

Zoe – sunshine on a rainy day

Kariya – let me love you for tonight

Moby – feeling so real

And finally or I will just keep adding and adding it’s alphaville – Forever young.

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