Cmon city 01/11/17

Alien isolation ps4

Well not much happened yesterday apart from the man flu starting to kick in, sniffles, coughs n sore throat are inbound. Bloody cold affects males so bad lol. Well yesterday was halloween as you all know, just hope my lil gal enjoyed herself and I always seem to cut myself bad when putting the razor blades inside the sweets lol 😂😈🎃 (disclaimer for the pc brigade: I don’t really yanno haha), well I see Chelsea got beat in Rome 3 nil, just hope they beat man united on Sunday.

Miss Ferguson from prisoner cell block h

Well tonight it’s the boys in sky blue, city in naples to play napoli and cmon you cityzens and get a good result out there, can’t wait to watch the match. Watched some more thriller from the 70s and also watched prisoner cell block h, the original aussie series from 1979 to 1986, I’m upto episode 430 lol, been watching this for ages n ages n got back into it again. Been playing a bit of alien isolation on ps4, it’s so bloody tense this game, enjoying this upto now.

Hope my friends are ok ☺

Song of the day, Steve harley – make me smile (come up and see me)

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