Fed up 06/10/17

The ps4 is sent to its bedroom

Yep it’s been one of those days, fed up, bored outta my head, just lay on my couch most of the day listening to music n then went to sleep, chatted a bit with me mate, my motivation gone right out of the window, watching England didn’t help much as the game was soooo boring, we will get mauled in Russia by much better teams. I’ve switched n unplugged the ps4, vita next. Then i may sell them, but for now they just off n unplugged, as I may change my mind or my kids will moan. Meh.

I’m contemplating to get rid of nearly all online stuff, instagram n pin it are Deffo going as they hardly used, twitter I’m just gonna cut down on its use. The only thing I’m gonna keep going is this blog, I put too much into this blog. Even if hardly anyone bothers to read it I’m still gonna keep it going, mainly for me to bloody remember lol. A sarcastic choice today for my song of the day lol.

So while I like online gaming, social media etc, at this moment in time I just wanna switch everything off n just curl up in a ball n just goto sleep. Fed up. 

Just wanna say thanks to my friend who always knows how to cheer my miserable mug up when my tablets dont work, cheers ar kid u a little star, n u a good friend 😙☺

Song of the day, tubeway army – are friends electric? 

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