Finally 12/09/17

The platinum for diablo 3 is mine

Well after a totally weird day yesterday and I mean proper odd, where I was in two minds it felt like all day, I finally feel normal, or not normal in my case lol. See what I mean lol. I noticed nobody online at all (amy gone missing lol) so I went on diablo 3 just to pass the time and I erm finally got the platinum trophy for the game, the doing of 500 bounties was the big grind in this game, I haven’t however finished with the game just yet, I’ve got those necromancer dlc trophies to get next, had a night off destiny 2 as no one online. Hope my music mate got some well deserved sleep n by the non reply of dm’s I take it you did finally goto sleep lol, hope u got some, kip that is lol. Look forward to chatting with ya later on throughout the day. 

Pink floyd – More soundtrack

Now today is champions league footy and I still ain’t made up my mind whigh game I’m gonna watch, that’s if destiny 2 comes alive with online activity n I may get on that, but Wednesday Deffo watching, tis city. Wow it’s gone so bloody quiet, no one here til friday, all in my own except for being online. Think I may give some music a turn tomoz, get some pink floyd blasting n sod the neighbours, live at Pompeii or the more album. Well it looks like manchester getting a blow job tonight, storm aileen is inbound with an Amber warning, so we in for some noise tonight. Hope amy’s granddad and nan are ok as I’ve heard they not well, hope they both get well soon ar kid. Really hope all is ok amy. Xxx.

Japanese are pervs

Hope my musical friend has a great time at the footy tonight, hope ya team wins, they should do, if u was gonna run on the pitch n streak id watch the game haha  I’m watching celtic v psg, been playing lol n you all gonna laugh or call me a perv lol, a Japanese game (Deffo summat wrong with Japanese people) called senran kagura estival versus, a hack n slash tits n ass game lol. 

Song of the day, pink floyd – comfortably numb 

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