Fookin teeth 29/09/17

Bloody tooth ache is now starting to piss me off n it’s so annoying me now, pliers will be coming out and I will pull the fooker.  Done it before. Funny how I got this straight after being really unwell. Strange things are afoot lol. Well I spent yesterday watching 2 football matches and that was about it, because I just lay on couch with plenty of ouch. Not even watched a film or anything. So this is a short post today, even got fifa 18 n not been on it yet n it gone midnight by 2 hours. 

Oh yeh i had the weirdest but nice dream earlier, was in some house with this family, no idea who and why I was there, the woman had the most amazing beautiful face, I was besotted with looking at her face, didn’t look at the rest of her just the face. Then came a fooking tornado out of nowhere n went through the home, the man just kinda got tornadoed and then I ended up with her, just was about to get it on and all I heard was, dad I’m hungry, bloody caitlin woke me up. So no idea what that dream is all about.


Well caitlin been mithering for the latest kids fad, slime gel stuff, first it was fidget spinning and now it’s this, ah well its only a tenner n it comes tomoz, so that should keep her quiet for an hour lol, the tooth has finally eased off since threatening it with the pliers, glad my music mate is ok, keep u chin up n things will get better. You too could buy some slime n blow bubbles with it, apparantly lol. Haha

Song of the day, The farm – all together now

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