Footy day 09/12/17

Look a blonde stuck on antlers, now where have I seen those antlers before?

Well had a very weird day yesterday, the norm for me it seems lol, finally the toothache went away, missed my Amazon delivery cos I fuckin fell asleep and then Kane turned up, said he wants a lyre bird for Xmas, it’s only found in Australia so I’ll just sod off out n nip to oz to get his bird, jeezuz lol, be funny teaching it swear words in German haha, little schizer. Seem some antlers on a pair of curtains, not those curtains (mind in the gutter tut tut) the real ones, eaten a bag of beef crisps (I nearly typed curtains then omg haha) (I wish lol), some mince pies cos that’s the only thing I like about Xmas, the mince pies even though u can buy am all year round lol

My kind of xmas film. Boobs n all.

Watched a slasher film that I wanted to watch in the 80s but it never came out in the UK cos those boring twats at bbfc wouldn’t give it a rating, so thanks Netflix I watched the uncut version I think cos the quality lacked in the murder n gore scenes. It was a bit stale n laughable sometimes the acting at times but it was actually a damn good low budget slasher type horror film. Below is a synopsis borrowed from wikipedia.


This cover was banned in USA in 1984 cos it scared the kids lol

In 1971, 5-year-old Billy Chapman and his family go to visit a nursing home where his catatonic grandfather stays; he tells Billy about how Santa Claus give presents to the nice children, but punishes the naughty. While driving back, a criminal dressed in a Santa outfit, who robbed a liquor store and killed the store clerk, seemingly has car trouble and gets Billy’s family’s attention to pull over and help. As they pull over, the Santa-clad criminal shoots the father with a pistol and slits the mother’s throat with a switchblade in front of Billy and his younger brother Ricky. Billy then runs off to hide leaving Ricky in the car. And when he gets to 18 he goes postal at Xmas time.

Song of the day, Kasabian – club foot

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