For bonnie 05/08/17

This was for my friend bonnie, i hope she still is, but unlikely now, well it started out on twitter, a request went out for players for diablo 3 and I joined her game, which I couldn’t keep up with cos like all women they move round at super fast pace. Damn she was too fast for me, anyway we all chatted n got along, me Lee n u having a good laugh. Plus she levelled me up so fast so I was just using her really for my own diablo benefits lol

We started chatting more n more got to like each others company, very addictive ya see, not me, she is. Then got me onto Skype which I still hate lol. Played some more diablo then moved onto of all things gta v a game I’ve hardly played and omg  the fun I had was wonderful, so funny, so enjoyable, so addictive, even if she did kill me every chance she got, evil side in her is ruthless. The fun I had on gta v was the best gaming experience I’ve had online. Then we started getting very chatty and seemed to be chatting 24/7 lol. She is awesome. 

Next came minecraft, and yes came the innocent killing of me, every chance she got she’d hack me down, and wow when I stole a block of wool I suffered for that one, shhhhh she an ocd in minecraft player. Was real fun playing this again when I was actually alive in it. Lol


Next was driveclub a game I totally kicked her arse at, left her standing, erm she kicked my arse at it in reality lol, beaten n held my head in shame lol, damn she could proper handle that car. Sod lol, even when I was winning I’d get rammed from behind, god that sounds wrong n painful lol.

Next was portal knights, a game where I was actually saving her for a change, loved it, and also loved playing this game and minecraft with ya lil un. So much fun online, so many laughs, so much i care abouts ya both. All those weeks of fun n laughter n chatting mean so much to me, infact u gave me back a bit of self esteem n self worth again, something I thought I’d never get back. I thank u so much for that. ❤

So the question is, do I wanna lose all this, well it’s tuff coz it looks like I have and it hurts losing a good friend.

Well not much as happened today, listened to the footy on talk radio as the scores went in, read some twitter posts, watched my daughter on roblox and that’s about it, the most boringly quiet Saturday ever, not bothered gaming myself, lost the mojo for it, me and caitlin watched a pretty good little thriller/horror film last night called ‘within’, it was better than I expected and was so not what I was expecting, 7 outta 10. Good film. Then we did go on portal knights at around 1am til way after 2am lol, didnt wanna play on ps4 but it was funny in the end. 

Ps but not as much as footy lol cos it’s back on Saturday that’s why this being done now 😆

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