Friday shopping day 27/10/17

Well today marks 25 years since my gran passed away in 1992, can’t believe how fast the time has passed. Always remembered. Today been a day of caitlin and toy story 3 game, bloody woodys roundup part she been on for hours n hours on xbox1, sorry I shown her now lol, wanted do some forza 7 but no chance, in the end I buggered off to the kitchen n tidied up n sat in there then made burritos. They were actually pretty good, put a bit more black pepper in than usual n it tasted good.

Sicilian lemon cheesecake

Well today is boring shopping day, fucking hate shopping n putting it away urgh, mind you this time I’m getting sicilian lemon cheesecake, it’s my treat day n that’s what I’m having lol and some chilli n lemon coated peanuts yum. Got caitlin 2 more books to read, real books, not digital the real thing,  I encourage her to read which she does and she loves it, I’m glad one of two of em read proper books. Also more bloody colouring pens, she goes through some paper n pens this kid lol. Now we watching autumn watch on catch up. Stranger things series 2 today so gotta avoid the people online who ruin it for everyone else with spoilers. Hope my mate coping ok with the loss of her granddad, thinking of ya. 

Song of the day, The cranberries – ode to my family

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