Friday the 13th curse strikes 13/10/17

Urgh this lot again x2

Well I got my blood test results back, sugar and cholesterol are normal but my arthritis aggression is through the roof and to make things worse the liver test are not that good apparantly because of my being really ill and taking lots of painkillers for toothache, so I have to wait another 2 weeks now and retest my bloods again and see if my liver was a blip through previous illness or another underlying problem, urgh so I have to wait for my treatment to start yet again. I actually feeling a bit better today even though that news pissed me off, been back on the ps4 because of the amazing yakuza zero game, I never played this game before and it’s so fucking good, wish I’d bought it sooner, yes I know I wasn’t buying no more but I needed cheer myself up, the game is fascinating and I love the Japanese culture. I spent a lot of time looking at the stuff in shops, playing in arcades, bowling n playing pool, drinking n eating. This game is just awesome.

Yeh it would be a Friday the 13th wouldn’t it, even an ex hurricane coming Monday bringing mid 20c temperatures in fucking october, kin ell. So I expect my bin to move ermmm nowhere lol, god they love to exaggerate these weather forecasters, funny thing is they can’t even forecast what they going to have to eat that day. Well spent the day doing nothing much as usual except for spending 5 hours on yakuza zero lol. Anyway my lad kane staying for weekend so that should cheer me up. No doubt he be on the consoles. But premiership footy is back thank fuck. 

Just put the shopping away, well the fridge bit cos kids can’t do tetris packing as I call it, making things fit lol. The cupboards the kids do cos that’s easy, I fuckin hate putting shopping away, it’s a woman’s job, waits for the feminists to stand outside my place with placards and death threats lol.

Song of the day, Evangelist – God song (from this is England 90)

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