Fun day game day Saturday 20/01/18

9 spot bone dominoes

Wow we in the 20s already, this month as flew by, anyway got my lil queen with me and today we are gonna be digging out the board games like draughts n chess and our favourite is our 9 spot bone dominoes, we gonna play some of these later on today. Then we play monopoly on the ps4 and uno, i love uno and me n caitlin team up and make a pair n then play against the cpu. While i will have footy scores on in background, city play at half 5 today against newcastle, hope we win, we aint won a match in a week, it’s getting serious lol.


Me n caitlin team up on uno

Got the bloody shopping to put away at some point today, I forgot to get it delivered for Friday n had to get it for today, got the queen her bloody twix cookies and frubes n sweets yuk on those frubes lol. I’m glad the singing southerner is California dreaming on a winter’s day lol. Nice song, n I’d like to hear it when u ready to record.

Song of the day, pet shop boys – West end girls

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