Fursdy 05/10/17

Well yesterday the vampires took their blood, 8 things they used, god knows what they testing for, a sign of me being human. Lol a useless sex slave sent from saturns ring or even Uranus to impregnate human women, the sperminator lol, jeezuz lol. They took enough blood outta me to start a Vampire take out shop. Tried forza 7 and pinball fx3 both on the xbox1 yesterday, dunno wats up with me lately I’ve just gone right off gaming at the moment.

I like the pinball fx3 new system of leveling up but those dlc tables are too expensive. Forza 7 is basically forza 6 only with a nice gui and a better system of single player events, it nice they brought back the maple track back and the new dubai track is nice, but there should of been more. It’s still bloody good though, still the best car game out there on any platform.

My new things to do to sort myself out better list.

  1. Spend less time online 😊
  2. Get rid of Facebook.  ✔ (done)
  3. Spend less time on twitter 😓
  4. Get rid of all other social media 😉
  5. Concentrate just more on my blog ✔
  6. Stop buying games I will never play ✔ (cod ww2 and red dead 2 will be my last triple a games)
  7. Use the consoles way less ✔ 

No idea if any of those above will happen but it’s nice to put a list of the things to look at and decide either to do summat or not, been doing a bit of thinking and besides im a bit fed up of gaming and they constant smothering of constant games and all its buy buy buy attitude, well I deffo stopping it.

Hope my mate gets well soon n im thinking that she won’t rest up cos she can’t sit still lol…get some rest ar kid or u gonna be fuckin well sore.

Song of the day, frankie goes to Hollywood – two tribes (radioarchive remix)

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