Fursdy 28/09/17

Well caitlin staying tonight, it’s her great grans funeral on Friday and all her family etc are away near Liverpool so caitlin being a lil pain, she an angel really lol is better off here, so she here now til Sunday,  woop. Typical innit I get over being ill, although I’m still over sleeping n now I get fuckin toothache argggh, think I am falling apart lol, and if anyone says it ya age, il probably frigging  agree haha, got a big hole in my tooth thanks to it falling out, I could hear em arguing as well…..well i preordered fifa 18 but this time on xbox1 cos I so prefer the controller for footy.

Also gonna pre order forza 7 tomoz sometime too as well, I was gonna get cuphead but with these two games and destiny 2 I kinda have enough to be going on with. I was gonna put the farm all together now as song of the day but I changed my mind to this one, anyways I watched 30 days of night earlier again lol, it’s actually pretty good vampire/zombie type film, plenty of jump scares for the non horror fans to wee themselves over lol

Great had shite kip cos of bloody toothache, I will give it a few more hours n then the pliers coming out lol, yep I’ve pulled 2 before lol mind you those were severe pain, this is just niggling n annoying, the feeling you get when you pull the tooth, the instant pain relief is a better feeling than sex lol. I’m sure there Deffo summat up with me haha, oh look it’s 6am, and the fuckin tooth still throbbing like a teenagers knob at a lesbian party.

Song of the day, The beloved – sweet harmony

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