Here is what I first started off with back in 1980, after I seen space invaders in the arcades I was fascinated and just had to have this console, very very basic compared to now but wow did I have fun with this one, the console is still in my heart to this day and I still play atari 2600 games.


Below is my top 10 games for the atari 2600

10 Space Invaders by Atari







09 Demon Attack by Activision







08 Missile Command by Atari







07 Yars Revenge by Atari






06 Combat by Atari






05 Asteroids by Atari







04 Centipede by Atari







03 River Raid by Activision







02 Demons to Diamonds by Atari








01 H.E.R.O. by Activision








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