Gta may return? Nah 11/8/17

Well another day gone and another one starts, before I get ranting lol go visit the cool lil blog over there in the menu, just click those nerdy glasses lol, enjoyed yesterday as it was nice n quiet n relaxing, no gaming, no films n no porn haha joking maybe a lil porn lol, I got lichtspeer for the ps vita and gonna try it later, supposed to be a good little fun game and about time I shown the vita a bit of love, Was gonna say gta might return n play online but doubt it, fed up, think I may just switch everything off for a bit n I mean everything and recharge or do summat, need a bloody change.

This is the woman’s O face with a ghost behind her and a washing machine to have sex with lol, no shit lol

I will now go on vostok Inc and charge my vita and go on lichtspeer later on, then if I’m still awake it’s netflix time n Deffo no films about women having sex with washing machines lol

Still awake at 5am mind u I’m in a bit of pain, bloody hurt myself didn’t I lol like a knob, because I’m so sore anyway I used my crutches n bloody slipped with one side causing me to tense n boom install the pain, fucking dumbass I am. So now I’m in pain cos I was’nt paying attention. I’m gonna find sommat to watch on netflix n hopefully fall asleep with luck. Doubt it though, I need to go live in a forest with no wifi or phones or games, need summat different, but wait what is this? Football. Oh thank you. Lol

Painkillers knocked me out for most of the day, pain eased a little but not much so anyway Wow well I finally watched ghost in the shell, and damn that scarlett johansson is mighty fine, kin ell lol 😍. I was ermmm practically gawping all the time lol at that skin tight suit n her mighty fine ass. Might have to buy this on bluray to get more detail haha, film was ok I guess lol

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