Happy 10th caitlin 28/11/17

Today is my sweetheart’s 10th birthday, I can’t believe that 10 years have flown by like it was 2 minutes ago. So happy birthday caitlin and I hope you love your day. Hope ya love your day out with ya mam shopping n eating out etc. Because if I shopped for clothes for ya you’d have the city home n away tops, lol.

So I’ve not been so good past few days, no idea where n why this feeling down as come from, but today will lift me, I won’t go on social media much when I’m so negative as I always end up saying or doing things il regret, or not lol, so today’s song of the day is a song we both love and both sing together be it on the stereo or on rock band 4, I think I may of added this as a tune of the day before. But hey ho.

Song of the day, subways – Rock n roll queen

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