Happy halloween 31/10/17

Well not much happened yesterday, Deffo coming down with man flu, a bit of a cold, couldn’t keep warm, seen my doctor yesterday for routine things n my results, arthritis is very aggressive but liver is normal again apart from the rhuematoid athritis. Watched some more of the brilliant 70s tv series called thriller, a 16 disc dvd collection Complete edition of the classic 1970s horror and suspense anthology series, created by Brian Clemens. Each episode takes the form of a self-contained mystery story with a horrific twist at the end.

So apart from catching up on dvds I also gave in and bought call of duty ww2 for the ps4, yes I know I wasn’t gonna buy it but fuck it lol, I also got for the measly price of £7.99 the full complete collection of alien isolation on ps4 in their halloween sale, I played it for a few hours and im suprised that it’s took me this long to get it, it’s actually bloody good, the feeling of loneliness is pretty good. Well i watched Burnley 1 Newcastle 0 n it wasn’t that good of a game. Well today it’s champions league games so good luck to all our British teams except man united, they can fuck off n lose everything for all I care. Ctid. 

Happy halloween everyone from caitlin.









Song of the day, rocky horror show – time warp

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