Happy New Year 🎆✨🎇 01/01/18

Mvg loses to Cross

Well that’s 2017 over with, a very sore past few days of pure pain, my rheumatoid arthritis been playing up past week, anyway it’s thankfully easing off a bit now, thanks to my musical mate who helped me with trying take my mind off it which ya did, helped a lot, not seen kids since boxing day, 😔. I’m sure they be here soon, I watched an amazing game of darts between Michael van gerwen and Robbie cross other night I forgot to add, infact I’d say it was the most brilliant game of darts I’ve ever watched. Now it’s Phil Taylor v rob cross tonight, I hope Phil does it on his final time playing but also you want crossy to win as well lol.

Ederson keeps the unbeaten run alive

Well all good things come to an end and city’s winning streak as ended on 18 games which is utterly amazing, our goalkeeper saved a penalty in 90th minute to keep our unbeaten run going. It finished nil nil in a physical game at palace, but well done palace for giving it a go. So city after 20 games have dropped 4 points out of 63 points available, we finish 2017 on 59 outta 63. Amazing. So next up is a home game against Watford so I’m hoping we can actually win a game lol. Its also nice to see chelsea under man city, wait thats an innuendo i didnt mean lol haha 



A proper 70s beauty from the likely lads movie, Anulka Maria Dziubinska who played dawn, beautiful 😍😈

Been working on a new list of best 3 songs and albums from each decade, so last night while Chatting to that southern goddess I had a 90s playlist on to kick start my memory into actually remembering a few, can’t believe I forgot about Alanis morrisette. And a few others, so today im doing the 2000’s and tomorrow the crappy 2010’s which wont take long cos there isnt very much modern music I like, I’m getting old innit. I watched the likely lads movie on ITV 3 and caught up on a few carry on films.

Song of the day, Dexys midnight runners – come on Eileen 

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