I got some 10/8/17

Calm down lol, get yours minds out of the gutter 😈, I got some sleep, been asleep for around today on n off for around 10 hours in total, fair enough it’s nearly 3 am but I’m not bothered, feel so much better. Finally after such a long time I’ve got more than 3 to 4 hours in a day. Sorry if anyone missed me today lol, unlikely but hey ho haha 😂, i have missed my usual rants on twitter as well. I was gonna call 😚 but decided not to, dunno if it would be a good move or not, that council estate lara Croft voice n accent does things lol, best just to stick to texting, which I’m so glad we still do 😊. Hearing that voice will make me miss ya more. How long I can hold out not hearing ya voice is like reading a book without pictures, torture lol. Still care n miss ya.

My music friend comes back off her holiday today i think or yesterday lost track of time cos I slept, music on twitter will increase again lol. Oh it’s 3am aka witching hour, alien abduction time or stupid youtube craze time cos its 3am time, and its actually so nice n quiet, sat in the dark is so nice, proper oddball me haha. Gonna play some vostok Inc now and then watch a film, and await a text I hope in the morning.

Well I feeling good today, played more of that bloody game vostok Inc,  it’s so addictive n I’ve been kicked off it by kane cos he wants go on cod bo3, a game he addicted to, so now it’s me and my music again or netflix, watched something called the black room where the spirits literally ‘turn em on’ was funny watching a woman have sex with her washing machine lol, film was shite, utter garbage, jeez. Seen some odd stuff but spirit sex is funny to watch, especially seeing a nipple being played with by a ghost. So funny and just pointless no pun lol. God I watch some shite lol.

Not much as happened today except me just being boring n missing her, got to text for a bit, so that was nice. Anyways I’m off to watch either threads or demonic then try n kip. Cya tomoz lovely blog reading people.

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