Im a clumsy sod 12/08/17

Me n my granddad, miss him so much.

Well first things first I’m gonna be staying off the twitter feeds for a few weeks n it’s not like I’m totally disappearing as there is messages if anyone wants to contact me, although not many will lol. So now that’s cleated up, Yep that’s me a bloody Clumsy sod who didn’t pay attention to where n what I was doing n suffering for it, spent most of yesterday knocked out with painkillers, sorry if i made u worry and also nice some care, also actually went on Facebook for a bit, not much happening there, what’s sad is I spent more time on Fb than twitter lol, twitter had 15 mins n Fb had 20 lol, dunno if people still bothering reading this blog, not bothered as it’s only a memory reference to me for remembering the good the bad n the sad moments lol.

Caitlin who is nearly 10 still adamant I’m not allowed to like anyone on tv film or real lol, jeez if I say oh she is nice, I get elbowed lol, if I say I actually like a person it has to go through the caitlin seal of approval lol, she even grounded her mam for not coming straight home from work 😂😂. She a right little bossy boots lol but I love her so much my caitlin. So the single life it is then i bet lol. No one wants me anyway lol 😂 although I’m not bothered in the slightest n all u need is some good friends n a good sense of humour, online gaming just ain’t happening anymore too, it’s all gone Pete tong 

Proper quiet day today, well the bits I was actually awake, fone hardly used, infact I didn’t even notice the battery went an hour ago lol, another dust gatherer lol, I gonna give amazon prime a good try now and see if I can watch summat on there, after the usual one hour of vostok Inc and looking forward to trying out the new no mans sky update tomoz sometime, after the footy, oh yes the footy is back, and the man city boys are live at 5pm on bt sports so come on you citizens. Well still awake at 6am and not been on twitter for more than 20 minutes in 24 hours, wow, not been online on ps4 for ages now just offline, not even been on xbox1, had a few goes on the vita and that’s about it, seems I’m becoming boring or already was haha, fone back on charge now lol, well gotta say amazon prime for films is a bit cack, nowhere near as good as netflix, I only have prime cos of the delivery thing I have, not tried many of their tv stuff as it’s mainly comic or super heroes stuff n Deffo not into any of that. Need horror n kinky witches lol. Need summat lol 

I’m off twitter for some time, if anyone wants me I will answer my twitter dm’s, and Fb messages or playstation, need a break from the twitter feeds

We love u city we do,

Blue moon,

The citizens,

The Etihad,

The best in


We love you city we do,

City til I die.



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