Im a Hunter 09/09/17

Well another day, and its been good the past week, got my gorgeous daughter with me, spend time with her is so good n I love it, even though she fell sleep at 9pm lol, turned off the ps4 and just watched tv, got lots of the big match to watch. 1976/77 season when men were men and not pansies like today, oh my hair, oh my socks, don’t dirty my boots, perleaseee lol And tomoz it’s city v liverpool, at dinnertime so come on you blues. Got to level 20 on destiny and im a hunter with purple hair white face n piercing blues eyes and female. Lol

I will have to try and find some old pics of me and also some of the stuff I did and wrote about on excite chat from 1999 to 2001, two crazy years of intense chatrooms and some of the things on there and the things people did were crazy, and they think it’s bad now lol, but excite the idiots closed it down around 2003 I think, not slept well at last night due to bloody pain urgh unlike caitlin who is still asleep at 10.30am she been asleep for 13 hours, bloody hell lol. 

Man city 5 liverpool 0

I watched a few films last night from the dodgy amazon club I’m a member of called the full moon club, it’s grind house and horror and obscure type of films etc that I love watching. Plenty of Italian n French stuff lol. What a day cos city only go an win 5 – 0 against Liverpool,  haha. Chelsea next lol, all I need now is stoke to beat man ure at half five.Now I’m watching more footy, don’t think I will bother going on ps4 tonight n tomoz, too much footy on and im happy city won today but feeling a bit meh cos of three days of constant pain, it’s back again urghh. It’s like having toothache all over me except my back thank fook, that’s the only place I don’t have it.

On the scale I’m on 8 at moment

So if I go a lil bit quiet then u know why. Yep pain Deffo bothering me now as I can’t even be bothered putting ps4 on as I can’t concentrate when I’m aching like this. Just watching barcelona v espanol n it’s finished 5 nil with another messi hat trick. Painkillers not working so it’s going to be a night of annoying pain all over. Urgh. Gonna watch a film I think and watch match of the day later on tonight if I can’t sleep. Gonna find sommat to watch on netflix or amazon. So til tomoz, nite.

Song of the day, The heavy – short changed hero (borderlands 2 tune)

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