Is it september yet lol 14/08/17

Scandinavian women, yum.

That song from green day,  wake me up in September,  he must of wrote that while being around the school holidays lol, only 3 weeks left lol then normality and my consoles back, I nearly put tonsils then wtf lol, losing it me, or lost it, or simply never had it in the first place to lose it anyway, that’s before the wise ass remarks n sheeshes from Stevenage come at me lmao, so rather than lose a few friends by deleting account, its time to try n keep a few while im off twitter for a bit. I just made spaghetti bolognese n eaten half of it at half 11 at night cos I ain’t eaten since Saturday,  the things u do when u get so bloody bored lol, kane didn’t mind lol, plated up some for his dinner tomoz. 

Vikings women

I need to sort me shit out n stuff had a few real bad days, ain’t putting nothing on here as that’s too personal, and staying off twitter, not told no one yet n I did say yet lol, I promised n I will tell ya sometime tomoz or today as it is now. Actually feeling tired but doubt I will sleep much, hope so, gonna watch vikings on amazon, heard good things about it, or il end up watching bloody salem again lol, can’t wait for stranger things season 2 to arrive on netflix. Loved that season 1. My humour is slowly coming back to normal, infact I’d tell u a joke but you’d only laff at me. 😂

He turned her down, she offered herself n he said no, wow I’d been in there like a ferret down a rabbit hole lol

I see man ure won 4 nil, urgh we will never hear the end of it, the red twats lol, god i despise that team. Not watching that tripespecially highlights, some footy this week I hope, I know Liverpoop play on Tuesday night so I will watch that. Below is a list of the films I will should probably be getting this month, finally found the film I’ve wanted for ages it’s called perfume. Great film if not weird but I like weird.

I tried going on twitter but it’s not the same, think il just stick to the dm’s afterall n forget the feed. I did give it a try. Just lost my mojo for it. Not even been online on ps4 and xbox1. Just offline. 





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