It still hurts 30/07/17

Well another day and another day of pain, only nowhere near as bad as yesterday, that was bloody awful, made a new friend who kept me somewhat sane yesterday and nearly lost a special one in the process (looks like I did afterall), my night consisted of watching us soccer on sky sports (well it is footy lol) n twitter, not long to go now for the footy season to start again and city stuffed spurs 3 nil last night as well, get in. I not been console gaming much this past week, miss gta online with bonnie, gta will never be same without her again, that won’t be happening no more šŸ™ . Up to now feeling good about today and I was right, the pain subsided n managed make some fajitas with chicken n bacon n sweetcorn n peppers eventually, seem to cook so slow and no food poisoning yet, so all good.

Listened to some Limp Bizkit for a change today while chattingĀ most of the day with a friend, kept me sane whilst i was in pure pain. Nice person. I really enjoyed the chatting. Also a few others on the twitter family asked how i was etc and that was nice too. My daughter told me ‘dad can you stop singing because its just stopped raining’ lol the little sod she Deffo gets the humour from me lol. No console play again today cos I watched only fools n horses on gold, although I need to finish bulletstorm and then choose Duke nukem n do it again cos his one liners are cheesy as fuck and still funny, and then try and finish diablo 3 all character’s at level 70 and then go for its platinum.

Watched a film called it follows on netflix and i found it very boring. The day closes when I finally fall asleep and my daughters bloody fone wakes me up. Typical. Also see my special friend is happy again and I hope and wish all the best for her. Dunno if she will read this but I’m happy she found some happiness. There I go again putting others before myself, well me is numero uno now. Back to reality.

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