It’s good 11/09/17

Well after a day of footy, super Sunday on sky sports was not that super, both matches only came alive in the second half, both finished 1 – 0 to Burnley and Newcastle. Made spaghetti bolognese which me n caitlin loved, was bloody good, then I played destiny 2 for an hour with amy, who wasn’t very well and sounded so ill awww. They should try gettin a male cold aka man flu it’s a killer lol. Hope u feel better soon. Get in bed n sweat it out n not in the dirty sense lol. Also my musical mate not so good too with her pegs, hope u feel better soon too.

Jim carrey ace ventura

Caitlin staying til around 5pm today n then I’m back on my own again but Monday night footy on n it’s West ham v Huddersfield Town,  destiny 2 could convince me to not watch lol if u better, or its a night of footy, got footy all week this week, Wednesday city play at feyenoord in champions league. Feeling so much better yesterday as the pain as subsided a bit, thank fook, just watched n you all gonna laugh at me lol, ace ventura pet detective with Jim carrey lol, I think he so funny lol although I love cable guy the most of his and the Truman show which wasn’t comedy. 

Need a kick up the arse today

So got no motivation today, sat here just staring at a blank switched off tv screen, it’s one of those days again, think ive broken my mobile, its gone all skitso since i dropped it, just had one cup of coffee all day n that’s about it n not eaten nowt, think it’s cos I’m gonna be on my own til friday, yeh I got the footy to watch tonight I guess. So sorry if I’m a bit quiet on here but I need a big boot up the arse to wake me up today lol. Feeling proper meh! Think I might have a few days off from the internet. And that lasted 3 hours lmao. I proper bored now my caitlin gone to her mams n I’m all alone. Awww. I could watch the remaining dvds I’ve got to watch tonight after this West ham v Huddersfield match, they sing I’m forever blowing bubbles, lol, was laughing to myself lol.


Song of the day, blondie – atomic

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