Its monday 04/12/17

We all love avenged sevenfold

First things first, yep city won again, it’s 13 in premiership and 20 straight win all competitions, this week is manchester derby week, my biggest rival, the team I hate, man ure. The fixture we all look for, well it’s Sunday. So anyway I was talking with my 15 year old and he said why u always singing or humming a song, I said well when you listen to music it does that to you, I said don’t you? He said no not much, our music is rubbish? There is nothing I like, the only music I listen to is what you play, stuff like avenged sevenfold.

I’m so glad I got brought up on music, and passing it on, me and caitlin love our music, she has her own stuff which she plays to me, and yep i dont like it but it’s her stuff and that’s what loving music is all about. We both sing my stuff and her stuff on karaoke games on ps4 and on rock band, our song is rock n roll queen by the subways, cos that’s what I call her. Now kane does not like music much except for avenged sevenfold, we all love that band. It’s so nice when ya daughter sings bad to the bone or going underground and other classics. Makes my day.

My song of the day is for my lovely southern sweety, a great person, who is so nice and does naked cooking (I’m joking­čśé), but seriously it’s rare finding a gal who really appreciates ya friendship, so this tune is for you, and I know your a big music lover just like I am, so I think you might like this one. It’s a classic.

Song of the day, lynyrd skynyrd – free bird  (old grey whistle test)

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