Its so quiet 02/08/17

Firstly more got added on yesterdays blog so check that out first. Thx. Very quiet night, I think bonnie Deffo must of fallen asleep, aww poor lil gal was all tired out me thinks, aww bless. Well can always gta anytime so no prob, hope they like the knock on the door coz he travelled all the way from the amazon lol. Played the town of light and got to chapter 8. Very dark subject matter In that game, so sad and moving the story. It’s 2am I’m feeling tired and will I get to sleep?, dunno lol I hope so.

Nope had 1 hour sleep, it’s now 5.15am n I’m wide awake, miss u tiredness.

Repaired my heart

Well I managed get some sleep, feel so much better now, but before that I got a phone call from 😍 which made my day, especially knowing she still feels the same way as me made me feel so nice, bought a few more games in the ps4 digital sale, a 16 bit type rpg and a twin stick shooter. I think I need start finishing some of these games before buying new ones lol. Daughter is here, little whirlwind of noise as since fallen asleep.

My favourite creature the British fox

Not heard that much from bonnie today, I hope everything is ok n you feel a bit better soon ❤. I sure Miss u 😞 lots. I hope she realises how much I care n worry bout her, yeh she gotta lol. I even tried going asleep early but alas it not gonna work, so I’m just gonna lie in the dark n just think (yes I have a brain lol) about important things like are city gonna sign sanchez from arsenal and should I watch salem again cos it was that good. Think about the purple haired lara and does she love me. Lol. Dunno why but it be nice haha.


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