Monday 08/01/18

My day yesterday consisted of just watching a few matches and keeping my eye on my little caitlin who is really not well, the poor little mite has been asleep nearly all day, she has been totally wiped out. She been burning up and headaches and sore throat and she been so quiet, I’m hoping she better today or she may have to goto doctors. Well while things have been quiet I’ve caught up on the peaky blinders, I’m on the last episode as I write this.

I gotta say I love the tom hardy character Alfie solomon in peaky blinders lol, he plays it so well, and I bet there are a million wet sofas marks from those women fans up n down the country haha. Mind you arthurs wife could do with her ginnel having a Mancunian sausage thrown down it or up it for that matter lol. Sorry if you were drinking n just sprayed it everywhere lol. Well i aint gonna put any spoilers on here, but that quote tommy said ‘i know what this is, its just myself talking to myself about myself’ that’s just one awesome quote. Well that brings series 4 to an end and I loved the pyramid song by Radiohead scene. C’mon BBC hurry up with a new series lol.

Songs of the day, let’s have some fun 4 a change. Lol hope my southern musical maestro mate likes n remembers a few of these lol.


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