Much better 09/08/17

Well after the most boring day ever except for a few good friends i chat with online keeping me sane n chatting to me, when a certain person texted me 😊, that Deffo made my night much better, still care about u gal as u may of already guessed so thx for the text 😊, me and kane was watching another great film from Australia called rogue from the guy who did the amazing Wolf Creek film, it’s about a massive fucking crocodile that’s the size of a bus 😂 after these people on a boat trip ⛵, which the croc attacks and one by one it goes after its dinner 🍗, no way would you get me on that boat, I’m more scared of the water than the crocodile. The late great Steve Irwin would of kicked it’s arse. Tried watching Friday the 13th part 5 earlier on but kane not into horror so have to finish it off later. Been up coz of insomnia and stayed on vostok Inc most of the night, so addictive making moolah lol.

Well I’m still awake so I’m gonna finish off Friday the 13th part 5, it’s not that bad. After watching this i will watch summat else on netflix and it probably will be horror based knowing me, although the zombie films are kinda boring to me, i prefer witchcraft lol, just like salem which was so good. Then I will probably be awake most of the day trying to kip or chill or summat and maybe staring at my phone will occur, yes it will, lots of times waiting for that beep lol. I’m glad at least I get the occasional text although I’m not texting much cos I never know if it’s ok to.

tWell spent a few hours asleep and kane still on call of duty black ops 3 on ps4 with his mates on zombies, this kid is addicted to cod or as I call it children’s online daycare lol, I see America n north Korea are at it again and some people are scared by the threat of nuclear war, well it’s nothing compared to the early 80s where it nearly did happen, we had to learn survival keypoints and stuff in school, and that public information film about nuclear war still bloody haunts me, and then there was threads, a bbc film about and still scary as fook to this day about what happens in a nuclear war. So this little spat that’s going on at the moment isn’t worrying me in the slightest. I’d be more scared of Russia and the cold war in 80s.

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