Mundy 25/09/17

Well still got my head ache, slept loads yesterday n still feel tired as hell and nose as started to bung up, so I know what’s a coming, a bloody cold I bet, man flu. A bad dose I bet n I ain’t got it yet haha. Well the highlight of my day was changing the ambi pur air freshener to a new pink fragrance, fook knows what it is but it smells like the inside of sweet factory in here lol, just watched a film a netflix called Mercury rising about an autistic kid who accidently cracks the nsa secret code, and those evil people who run the nsa want him dead cos he can read the code n therefore lose their 2 billion dollar code, starred Bruce Willis. Was a good little film, 6 outta 10. Now what do I watch, or should I just go on the xbox1 n try more fifa18 or go on the ps4 on destiny 2. I was gonna go on gta 5 other night but decided not to as it’s crap on yer own gta.

This week ive got my blood tests to sort and if all well n good i can return to taking my meds, a weekly injection that i do myself in my belly. Needles dont bother me. Well what am I doing today, there is footy at 8pm tonight, then footy on Tuesday cos it’s city v donesk n footy Wednesday Thursday n Friday n then it’s weekend, more footy. Somewhere in all that footy I gotta get my ass back on the destiny 2 or I’m gonna lose interest in it, kinda missed playing it, but had lots of films n tv stuff to watch recently, also need to get the music playing more, today’s tune is for you my musical mate who as such great taste in music, back to 83 with this one, this tune which would work well in a rampant rabbit advert, or even ffyffes bananas lol

Well i had a crap nights sleep, feel hot then cold n head hurts, feel bloody awful today, thanks i bet to either school or hozzy, urgh.

Song of the day, frankie goes to Hollywood – relax

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