My first thoughts 29/07/17


Hello r kids from Mint Manchester or as i say it manchesta innit lol, Well I decided on doing this again, blogging. I used to like all this then just left it, deleted it n wished I’d kept it, anyway been kinda addicted to twitter, met some great people on there through the gaming side of things, funny cos I thought it would be through music and my humour, but hey ho.

Found someone truly special through twitter and we liked each others company n gaming etc, i aint laffed n felt wanted like that for a long time, but yep that fucked that up last Sunday n damn did that sting n still does, we still texting n chatting n I think the world of her still but it’s been ruined now, anyways I should start to add more n more to this blog once I get back into the swing of it again.

Add if you want to, I have left out Facebook cos it’s shite, I don’t use Skype or instagram.

Twitter Id is @_WickerMan73_

Psnid is WickerMan73

Xboxid is WickerMan1973

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Retro gamer, from atari to now, lover of gameplay, music, horror, and man city.

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