Chill 07/08/17

Another day, and more stuff to watch on netflix, just watched a film called the rezort about zombies, it was like a lame ass version of the game dead island n not enough gore n violence for me, story was a bit jurassic park as well, it was acted ok except for the council estate kid lol, it was watchable but I’d give it a 5 outta 10, modern zombie films are all the same. And not a patch on the romero films. Anyway onto the next film.

Not heard anything from my old friend, that’s gone I think now for good, although if u do read this, and u need owt and I’m still here just ask. And i will leave it there. 💔 It’s so boring without bonnie around 🙁



Onto the next film or series, so I changed my mind and went on diablo 3 instead and levelled up the monk up to 53, only 2 characters to get to level 70. Then the 500 events. What a great game diablo 3 is. Think I’m gonna have to get back into kick off revival again, been ages since I played that properly.

Anyway been playing a cool little shooter called vostok Inc and it’s all about the money, shooting to get money to get upgrades to get equipment for planets, very addictive little game, liking this game a lot and well worth 12 quid or moolah lol. Insomnia is still here hence playing this all night and still I can’t seem to sleep or concentrate well and have become a bit snappy n moody over past few weeks cos of the bloody insomnia. Lost a friend through it so now it’s time to see my doc n get this sorted one way or another. 

Watching kane on the ezio collection now while I try n get some sleep if I can, I hate feeling like a zombie all the time, still the best assassins creed is the second one. Well I’ve actually done nothing much today, not even been on twitter much, feeling a bit fed up to be honest. Dunno wat I be doing tonight, one of three things, netflix, music or ps4. Kane is now online on gta and all i keep thinking about is bonnie 🙁, Oh shit yeh it’s game of thrones tonight at 9pm and I get to see the gorgeous Cersei Lannister,  she could shine my sword anyday lol

Damn the things I would do to cersei lol, oh did I say that out loud lol

Its nearly half ten, game of thrones was actually pretty good, it’s all hotting up now, no pun lol. Think I will go on diablo 3 and vostok Inc again tonight, no doubt the insomnia will be here.

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