Saturday 25/11/17

3 days to go

Well caitlin certainly cheers me up when she here, i watched the footy while she conned the tablet off me lol, then soon as footy finished we did minecraft together, setting fire to trees and flooding everything lol, this morning she woke me up with her bloody awful music the lil sod, no one needs to hear jake Paul in a morning or anytime, and then we watched I’m a celebrity n said who do I want to win, and I said I dunno yet but Deffo not any of the posh ones. So tonight will be a film and her cuddling up on sofa with me. 

I ain’t been going on the old social media stuff much, think I’m becoming boring, hang on I am boring lol.

Song of the day, (Deffo not her tripe lol) muse – knights of cydonia

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